On August 23rd a team from Millbrook Christian Assembly will be leaving for Chiquinquirá Colombia to join the construction efforts of missionary Darren McCrea and the local church as they continue to expand and build facilities that both support the local infrastructure and provide the necessary resources for the ongoing work of the local church in Chiquinquirá. The two ongoing projects that we as a team plan to have a hand in are named Fathers House – Church and Community Centre, and Project Refuge. 

The Fathers House, located just outside of Chiquinquirá in a small town named Susa it is a massive multipurpose building, containing a gymnatorium, a kitchen, and classrooms, all designed to host a multitude of community functions such as sports, town meetings, municipal voting, blood donor clinics, and regular church services throughout the week. Prior to this project the community in Susa had no other form of community centre for the community to gather in. 

Project Refuge is a big and needed expansion on an already existing boy’s home (an orphanage that houses boys between the ages of 8-18). In the words of missionary Darren McCrea, “Project Refuge is the expansion of the Refuge Boy’s Home. More than just adding two dormitories for up to 15 more boys, we want to help prevent children from ever having to be taken into long term care. Project Refuge is our plan to build a community feeding centre that will also serve to hold parenting workshops and training programs of all kinds.”

To see more about Darren and his ministry visit his website at www.ourlovingfather.com