Millbrook Alpha

Welcome and we are so happy that you have stumbled onto this page... 

Obviously being a church we love to talk about faith, but one other thing we love to do is provide a safe and open place for others to have dialog about faith in a quest to discover truth about God. 

Below you will find a couple of short videos that highlight what an Alpha program is all about, as well you will find the first weeks video, in case you missed it and maybe want to join us this week, or on an upcoming Alpha program. 

We would love to have you join us for this engaging ongoing conversation about LIFE in our current (Sunday mornings at 10:30am) or next Alpha program (a day and time yet to be announced). 


Considering joining ALPHA?

If you are considering joining us for Alpha but have more questions please don't hesitate to connect with us today ...



  • Evan Grieger - MCA Alpha Coordinator