come check the Park out!

In a season where "social distancing" seems to be weighing heavily on peoples mental health, the buzz of children of all ages and abilities at play mixed with the conversations from adults socializing is so encouraging and uplifting! 

Since the completion of Phase 1 partway through the summer of 2020 the amount of usage and laughter that can be seen and heard is a clear indication that Harvest Community Park is a big win for the village!

What is even more exciting is how close we are in our fundraising efforts to seeing the completion of the park play equipment! That's right there is still more play equipment to come! 

The total cost of Phase 2 is  $57,937.30, and as of the end of 2020 we have paid that OFF and are set for installation first thing THIS SPRING!  

With the rising costs of just about everything we have decided to focus our efforts here as the company will honour the quote through to the end of the year, however next year the same equipment will cost significantly more. 


We are waiting for our park benches to be installed!

The required finances

The total cost of all phases of this park will be 184,668.49 which may seem impossible but with a lot of work, prayer, community support and a bit of favour in grants, and has been more than achievable!

We are now raising funds for our park benches! We want the parents who come with their children to have a place to sit and socialize
which means...

we now only require just over

How to Donate: 

As Millbrook Christian Assembly has taken on this initiative, all donations are being processed through them. 

How to Donate :

    • Cheques can be mailed to 71 King St West, Millbrook Ontario L0A1G0 include the words Harvest Community Park on the memo line on the cheque
    • Given directly via cash, cheque or debit during office hours
    • E-Transfer to - include the words Harvest Community Park in the message along with your contact information for tax purposes

Note that 100% of the donation will go towards Harvest Community Park, 

Charitable Giving receipts will be issued from Millbrook Christian Assembly

As of the end of October the outstanding need for the remainder of the play equipment yet to be ordered is down to $10,000

How it all got started

As a young family of four, we moved into the Village in September of 2017 to take the Lead Pastoral position at Millbrook Christian Assembly.  Our approach to ministry, is first to strive to recognize the needs of the community around us and then work towards meeting those needs. 

With great anticipation and excitement to see our family and church family grow over this next season, we began to notice one of the needs in our community of Millbrook.  

We have identified the lack of community playgrounds, especially ones that are accessibility focused. In speaking with a number of long time residents of Millbrook, outside of our church family, this need has been confirmed time and time again. 

As Millbrook is a growing Community with new housing and a new arena, we eagerly desire to meet the need of providing safe and exciting playground equipment. 

Being aware of some of the challenges that impact children with disabilities, we have focused on creating a playground that would be enjoyable for everyone. By adding our sensory stations with swings, spinners and hammocks, we are able to provide an exciting experience for children, of all abilities.

We believe that Millbrook Christian Assembly is uniquely positioned in the Village to be home to such a park.  On the south side of our parking lot there is a large grassy field that Millbrook Christian Assembly is desiring to make available for a community accessibility focused playground.  

By being located in the west end of the Village this would also encourage new families coming into town, to connect with the older side of Millbrook. 

One tree stood in the way of making the dream possible, this tree was naturally uprooted during the last winter storm of 2018. Once down and lying across the lawn, it organically became a playground for 15 or more kids on any given afternoon. 

Recognizing the tree was not the safest playground, we knew we needed to act swiftly in providing a playground the children would be proud to call their own.

Where it will all end up

Our goal it to provide a high quality, exciting playground for children of all abilities to play at, as well as a place for families to gather and deepen community relations. With just over half of the equipment already in place below you can see the big picture of where we plan to end up.  

Our newest Equipment

Below you will find just a few of the equipment selections that are included in the park...

  • Rail-Rider

    Part swing and part rollercoaster - providing a smooth, quick glide back and forth along an overhead rail. each bay accommodates a single rider on either a standard disc style swing seat or an accessible swing seat. The special Rail-Rider inclusive configuration approved by Unlimited Play features two bays (one standard, one accessible) so that children of all abilities can soar side by side! 

  • Solo Spinners

    A variety of play patterns help children of all abilities stimulate their senses and boost confidence through interaction. Whenever possible, all children should have meaningful inclusive play experiences!

    ADA Physical: Promotes balance, strength, coordination, and vestibular stimulation to support the development of both fine and gross motor skills!

  • Revolution inclusive


    The Revolution Inclusive Spinner is a fully accessible giant leap forward from the traditional merry-go-round, which has been a playground staple for decades. There are multiple seating options and plenty of room for standup fun as well. The Revolution Spinner is a great way to add fun ADA-inclusive and intergenerational play to your playground. With accessible seats at wheelchair height and room for up to 10 users, the Revolution Spinner is designed for everyone to enjoy!


    The park benches will complete the vision for the park to be a community... a family-based free place to gather for parents and children alike! 

In wanting to ensure that the playground would meet all safety standards and be of the highest quality, the Playground Planners company out of Ottawa Ontario seemed to be the best fit for this project!