Staff & Leadership Team

  • Mark smallwood

    lead Pastor

    Coming to Millbrook as Lead Pastor in September 2017, Pastor Mark, his wife Christina and their 2 kids, Isabella and Jamieson have quickly become apart of the community.  Being in Pastoral Ministry since 2000, he still finds himself passionate about God working daily in peoples lives.  His love of fishing, hunting and his dog Ember, keep him busy in all seasons.  God has opened up many doors for Pastor Mark to travel all over the world and preach the gospel, he is diverse in his ability to connect with many cultures and generations. 

  • Christina Smallwood

    Associate pastor

    After an amazing 5 years working with IG Wealth Management, Christina has decided to leave the financial industry and join her husband (Pastor Mark) on staff at MCA.  God is doing so much in the lives of the people of MCA and the community of Millbrook, that she doesn't want to miss a beat.  Christina loves to serve others and "make them look good"!  She has a heart for Full-Family Salvations, Worship, and simply showing God's love in a practical way.  Even though the last 5 years in Millbrook have been outstanding, Christina is so excited to see what the next season at MCA will hold!

  • leeanne lloyd

    Associate Pastor

    Having pastored in various roles for over 20 years, LeeAnne came to MCA in the fall of 2022, as a Master's College Seminary Student intern.  She has then decided to stay on as an Associate Pastor at MCA.  Freedom in Christ is the focal point of LeeAnne's testimony and she continually encourages people to live in the freedom and power that only Jesus can give.  Married to her husband Brad since '91 and a loving mother of 2 grown kids, Johnathon and Elizabeth. LeeAnne loves traveling, reading and cooking in her free time.   LeeAnne is looking forward to completing her internship and receiving her License Minister Credentials through PAOC, where after she will go on to acquire her Masters in Pentecostal studies through Tyndall University and Masters Seminary and eventually receive her Ordination with the PAOC. 


The board members are elected individuals serving 3 year terms, to assist in giveing leadership at MCA. 

  • Shirley Clark

    Shirley has attended MCA for approx. 40 years. She is a mother of 3 Children (2 boys and 1 girl) and she a grandmother to 7 grandchildren (5 boys and 2 girls).  Always full of love and a smile, she is a joy not just to MCA but also to Millbrook as a community.  Shirley is a retired Nurse, where she worked at PRHC and Peterborough Public Health Unit. Shirley is currently serving her 1st year on the board. In her spare time she loves to be in the garden tending to her flowers.


    Husband to Sandra and father of 3 adult children, Shawn loves people.  Shawn is a hard worker and is always desiring to learn more about the people of his community.  Shawn and Sandra have attended MCA for over 18 years and he is currently serving his 5th year on Board. Shawn thoroughly enjoys woodworking in his spare time.  As Captain of Cavan Monaghan Fire Department in Millbrook, Shawn is always "on call" for whatever the Lord has for his life.


    Husband to Rebecca, father of 2 Children and Grandfather of 5!  Hugo's favourite thing to do is spend time with his family and travel the world. Hugo worked for CTV for 44 years as a production editor, winning an Emmy Award in 1998. God allowed Hugo to travel around Canada, USA and Japan with his work and also worked at the Nagano Olympics for CBS. Hugo and Rebecca have attended MCA for 4 years and he is currently serving his 2nd year on Board. 


    Married to Lois, father of 3 Children and Grandfather of 3!  Hans loves feeding people, not only food but also hosting a place for people to learn the Word of God in his home.  As a retired Veterinarian, Hans spends his time completing Crosswords and being hands on with anything at MCA.  Hans and Lois have lived in Millbrook for 41 years and to some people he is secretly known as"Town Mayor" for knowing the people so well. Hans has attended MCA for over 15 years and is currently serving his 5th year on Board.


    Joyfully married to Sandra, father of 3 Children, Grandfather to 3 kids.  Schennelly is an encourager at heart. You will never leave a conversation with Schennelly feeling anything but loved!  Schennelly works full time at Safran Electronics and Defence Canada, as an Electronic Test Application Specialists.  Schennelly loves fishing and playing music in his free time.  Excited to be apart of MCA's Music/Worship Team, Schennelly loves to support others in their God given abilities. Schennelly and Sandra have attended MCA for 5 years and he is currently serving his 2nd year on Board.